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Arnout Ulenberg

Entrepreneur by Day, Designer by Night

One day around 17 years ago, a boy was driving through an industrial area with his parents: Smoking chimneys, grey and polluted skies were the view. At some point the boy said he’d fly over these chimneys with his futuristic aircraft to stuff them with heavy swells to stop the smoke. This kid observed a great disbalance in the world; we humans consume more than the earth could sustainably provide. This kid then had and still has the greatest desire to help build a future in which many future generations can enjoy life like we can do today, and grow up in a world worth growing up in.

​At that moment, in the car with his parents, the kid hardly realized where his reaction came from. His life would prove that the things that he would get up for in the morning 17 years later had been with him since the day he learned to interpret the world. It is the cornerstone of who he is today, as a designer and entrepreneur. It is the philosophy found at the core of all his creations and entrepreneurial ventures.

The boy grew up in a family of entrepreneurs and learned thinking in terms of business from an early age. He started his first small venture at age 14 and acquired his first patent at age 20. From the moment he realized that he could make a change, however small at the time, he was hooked. Hooked to the game we call life. He promised the universe to make the best of it, push the limits and use it to move humanity forward. Step by step. As an entrepreneur by day and designer by night.


This boy is called Arnout Ulenberg and his philosophy is simple: business can exist, and designs can be successful whilst at the same time keeping an eye on our planet. He aims for his designs to be “functional art”, something that does not depreciate over time and allows the user to enjoy the product for as long as he or she would like to. In business he aims to offer a better-than-existing solution which in turn helps put resources to more efficient use.



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"The only meaning of life is that what you give it yourself."

A. Ulenberg

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